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Inspiring Education

Xavier International School

"Xavier International is the School of my choise; it has provided me the best environment for my schooling in Kathmandu".

Shyam Bashyal


Shyam Bashyal

“Xavier International is the School of my choise; it has provided me the best environment for my schooling in Kathmandu”.

Our Vision for Education

Xavier International School, Buddha, has served students from kindergarten through tenth grade. The school was established in 2006, and in April of 2017, completed its 10th year.

Xavier International School is a comprehensive school offering a rigorous academic program while integrating the visual and performing arts and sporting activities each and every school day.

Xavier International School has a unique learning environment where dedicated teachers inspire students to realize their potential as individuals, as students, as artists, and as members of a local and global community. Students learn in small classes, lower student to teacher ratios, hands-on approach to teaching and learning. Students receive all necessary academic support, and participate in advanced learning opportunities during enrichment classes that take place each term.

Through strong partnerships among teachers, parents, students and the community, Xavier International School will provide an outstanding, innovative and individualized education that challenges and motivates each child to reach his/her personal best.

Extra Curricular Activities
We Enlighten - We Engage - We Excel

The child has one intuitive aim which is “Self development”. He wants to do, see and learn for himself through his senses and not through the eyes of an adult.

The child’s whole context, the physical surroundings, the emotional context, relationship with others, and the child’s immediate needs at any moment will affect and modify how a particular experience contribute to the child’s mental development. These are intricate patterns of linked experiences and meaning rather than emphasizing the acquisitions of discrete skills.

At Xavier International, we incorporate these meaningful concepts, thoroughly, where the integrated view of learning sees the child as an individual who wants to learn, sees the task as meaningful whole, and sees the whole as bigger than the sum of his/her individual tasks or experiences.

Poetry Symposium:

Xavier International, in its quest to offer more of holistic development to its students yearly organises poetry symposium in its campus, where leading experts from various literate fields, share and deliver their view and opinions, on a chosen topic of poetries and more.

Music/ Dance/ Theater:

A supreme combination of songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance is what the students are engaged in. The combinations offered are practically limitless and absorbing to your minds.

Critical Thinking: Focusing on different educational issues in an innovative manner and linking across subjects & disciplines.

Communication: Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.

Creativity: Testing and trying new concepts to get things done, that includes both innovation and invention.

Collaboration: Working togetherness to reach a goal, putting talent, expertise and smartness to work