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Xavier International School

"Xavier International is the School of my choise; it has provided me the best environment for my schooling in Kathmandu".

Shyam Bashyal


Shyam Bashyal

“Xavier International is the School of my choise; it has provided me the best environment for my schooling in Kathmandu”.

Our 4c's for Education

Critical Thinking: – Focusing on different educational issues in an innovative manner, and linking across subjects & disciplines.

Communication:  Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.

Creativity: Testing and trying new concepts to get things done, that includes innovation and invention.

Collaboration: Working togetherness to reach a goal, putting talent, expertise, and smartness to work.

Educational Delivery

Xavier International’s journey towards the vision of A Quality delivering School with effective teaching and learning is instrumental in bringing out the best in our student’s holistic development.

In the spirit of Teach-Less, Learn-More belief, our academic departments have also embarked on relevant curriculum innovations to ignite our students passion for learning and to inculcate life skills such as communication, critical and creative thinking.

Our Focus

Note that the tours are booked well in advance and only a certain number of parents can be accommodated on each tour on first come first serve basis. Also it should be noted that the tour does not guarantee that the child will be accepted in the school as this depends on the availability and also the eligibility of the child.

4th grade

Accepts applications from prospective parents throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information. In order to gain more insight into our program, parents should attend.
a school tour before applying.