School reopens from 6th Bhaishak 2065.

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Our Vision for Education

Xavier International School, Buddha, has served students from kindergarten through tenth grade. The school was established in 2006, and in April of 2017, completed its 10th year.

Xavier International School is a comprehensive school offering a rigorous academic program while integrating the visual and performing arts and sporting activities each and every school day. Xavier International School has a unique learning environment where dedicated teachers inspire students to
realize their full potential and to be betters member of the global community. Students learn in classes with lower student to teacher ratios, offering hands-on approach to teaching and learning. Students receive all necessary academic support, and participate in advanced learning opportunities during enrichment classes that take place each term.

Through strong partnerships among teachers, parents, students and our intellectual community, Xavier International School will continue to provide an outstanding, innovative and individualized education that challenges and motivates each children to reach their personal best.


School Transport

School buses are available for the students of all classes. Bus fees are payable in advance along with the tuition fees by 1st of the billing month. One month's notice must be given for withdrawal.

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All students are expected to be punctual, attend school on all working days in proper attire. The school does not, as a rule, approve of any leave to its students during the academic session except in very exceptional events.


Sports Activities

Students are encouraged to play sports and games under close supervision of trained Physical Education teachers and specialized coaches.


Extra Co-curricular Activities

Large numbers of Co-curricular activities covering all age groups are organized through the academic year to encourage participation of students.


Project Work

In addition to regular course studies, students are given a number of projects and assignments to compliment each subject. Projects and assignments are duly evaluated by our trained professionals and students are given due credit for their work.



Under the guardianship of the Principal, various level of Mentorship covering all age groups are created to inspire accountability and leadership spirit in the students. There are Class captains, House captains and School captains who are entrusted with various responsibilities.

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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Our Motto

To provide a comprehensive academic environment that encourages multi-dimensional development of a child: social, intellectual, physical, spiritual,
academic and cultural.

Our Vision

To inspire and motivate young children to learn under active engagement of faculty using the best use of modern technology. To create responsible citizens with knowledge to bring about change to the larger society.

School Library

Library provides large collection of books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers together with access to e- books and digitized materials. Through appropriate selection process regular addition of new books are done keeping in mind the academic needs of both learners and teaching faculty.


Our features on education and its delivery mechanism

Registration Information

Our school enjoys a rich and thriving culture, click here to rich out to our registration process.


Incase you run into any questions, please check out our FAQ information.

School News

Education is the Key to unlock the Golden Door of Freedom - George Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching materials includes both soft and hard copies together with topic models for easier and better understanding by children.

Full boarding facilities are available with separate dedicated facilities for boys and girls. Each facilities have their own matrons and support units.

No, we do not provide transportation in all parts of the city. There are specified pickup points run as per our optimized route plan. Fees will be charged for use of school transport.

Homework helps students to develop self-reliance and work skills. Typically, the amount of homework increases as the student advances in age and grade levels. However, homework need not necessarily mean written work. We aspect parents to ensure that their wards attend to their homework in time with full dedication which would enable us to timely assess them.

It is not possible for an applicant to join Xavier International School in the mid term of the academic year. Both the academic and social community is very important fiber for us to carry out in our academic mission to building a strong social community.

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"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically" -Martin Luther King, Jr.