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Principal’s Message

Principal message

Dear parents, guardians and students!

We would like to welcome you all to Xavier International School. You may rest assured that Xavier International is in the business of providing you with a first class education in both academic and extra-curricular fields.

Education is a Partnership!

We believe that the most effective way to maximize success for your child, is through the operation of a three cornered partnership between the School, the Home and the Student. Equally, we hope that the role of each side of this partnership will be made perfectly clear.

Education is primarily and formally classified into stages of – Preschool, Primary school, Lower secondary school, Secondary school and then finally College & University. This methodology of teaching is called pedagogy.

The partnership has two main goals:
• Offering the best possible educational experience to each and every one of the students;
• Maximizing each and every student’s learning

I urge all parents, to involve themselves completely in the life of the school on a daily basis – in such a way that the students will benefit the most.  As each parent has a vital role to play in a ward’s education and to provide some guidance in that.

As a committed school we aim to positively influence the lives of the pupils that become our students, so profoundly that they will never forget the experience of being a student at the school. Do not hesitate to contact Xavier International should you have any questions. We wish all students a fruitful school years ahead.